The Full Story


Thank You All who made this dream possible. However, when the odds are fully against us, it's best to move on. Our goal was to become the 1Stop hub for BIPOC businesses by also providing consultant to these businesses to better their digital and physical presences. Our services varied from embroidered uniforms, audio commercials, Website, and etc. With each business that we provided consultant to, we would add them to our consultant hub to grow our service list and provide traffic to that specific business.



This by far has been one of the biggest struggles we faced in the black community. 1 of us originally had the idea for the hub and how successful it could be especially in the long run with a heavy digital footprint.

We later became a full team of 4 which totally backfired when everyone started competing with the initial owner since humans love sizing each other up.

It got so bad to a point 1 sample jacket embroidery turned into a 12 months project. And business partners who no longer wish to take part would deliberately ask if they can help just to not hear from them ever again.


The initial owner had a bad financial history thus affected his credit history, we got into business for all of us to benefit financially in the future. Everybody was ok with it, however the second everyone realized making money back on their investment was going to take at least 5 years; everyone switched up.


Support System

Envy is the enemy of support, everybody thought we were making a lot of money but in reality we were just making everything work with what we have. Family support was weak, spouse support became a competition, business partner support became a knife stab in the back..